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New Fitness Class


The fitness programming is geared towards your more basic barbell movements, Squats, Presses, Deadlifts, there will be NO Snatching, ever, no Overhead Squats, Muscle-ups, Pistols, Handstands Push-ups, etc. All of your more technically demanding movements and movements that take high levels of mobility are left behind. The loading will be lighter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scale-up, or down for that matter as needed. All Extra work for the Fitness Program will be geared towards strengthening and developing the posterior chain. One of our most common issues we see with the everyday person is a weak backside, from the hamstrings up, muscles are weak and lacking flexibility. Extra Work programmed for the Fitness group will be focused on getting athletes out of the incredibly tight, anterior dominant position that so many people in society are in.

If you’re just beginning CrossFit and are new to the 9 Fundamental movements of CrossFit, this is a great place to start. Loading is lower, movements are more basic, and especially if strength and conditioning is foreign to you, you should spend anywhere from 1-3 months here. This is also for the older/immobile crowd. Please don’t misunderstand our intention, as evidenced by many of the amazing athletes in our gym, we have plenty of older athletes that are capable of everything we throw at them. However the tendency for most, is that as we age, if we’re not proactive about it, we get tighter, and lose our flexibility which is an absolute necessity to CrossFit, especially with some of the more technical movements. You’ll also fall into this group of programming if your sole goal coming to Stoked CrossFit is to just get stronger, healthier, or more fit and you’re not interested, nor willing to take the time to learn the more advanced movements, i.e. the more sporting side of CrossFit.

CrossFit is referred to as the sport of fitness, and like any sport, if you want to take part, and understand the full range of movements, it takes practice, and lots of it, which for some may be something they don’t really want to focus on, and this is perfectly fine.


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