On-Ramp Program


Effective August 13th all new athletes must attend a Baseline wod. Then they will roll into 3-day OnRamp program. Cost of OnRamp will be $45, however, this cost will come off athletes first-month membership.


Stoked CrossFit will begin a new On-Ramp program for new athletes. This On-ramp program will allow us as coaches to provide more focus and attention to new athletes to assimilate them with CrossFit movements, standards, and definitions. The On-Ramp program will consist of three classes in a one-week period to address the nine foundational movements of CrossFit, as well as other bodyweight and gymnastics movements that will be incorporated into future workouts.

Who- The On-Ramp program is being created for new athletes who are not currently training at Stoked CrossFit. The On-Ramp program will be instructor led by one of our coaches.

What- The On-Ramp course will be a way to provide focus and attention to new athletes to familiarize them with CrossFit movement standards and assess mobility and fitness levels of new athletes. Although the On-Ramp program will consist of more focused instruction and explanation, athletes will still complete a CrossFit workout during class.

When- The On-Ramp times will be determined based on athlete needs and the number of athletes requiring the On-Ramp course at a given time. Although no specific time has been set, the on-ramp will be an evening class, as that is the time when most of our coaches are available. Due to the introduction of the On-Ramp program, new athletes will need to contact Stoked CrossFit to set up an appointment time to schedule their On-Ramp start date.

Where- The On-Ramp program will take place within the gym in a designated area where the On-Ramp athletes will have access to all equipment needed to practice movement standards and perform the designated workout.

Why- Because of the blessings of a growing gym and the desire of individuals to take control of their lifestyle and improve their fitness, our class sizes are growing. To better accommodate new athletes and make sure people are comfortable when they begin Crossfit we feel an On-Ramp program is necessary to bring new athletes into the Crossfit community. This On-Ramp program is designed to help athletes feel more comfortable performing movements that are new to them. Unlike a typical fitness center complete with complicated machines, in CrossFit, YOU are the machine, and our goal is to make the machine work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. During the On-Ramp program, we will discuss CrossFit movements, as well as gym etiquette, the importance of nutrition, and address any concerns athletes may have. CrossFit is infinitely scalable and adaptive so anyone can do it.

After completion of the On-Ramp course, athletes will begin training during regular class times, all classes are still led by a coach, and athletes will have numerous scaling options based on their ability. Remember, all CrossFit classes are led by a coach so if there is ever a question do not hesitate to ask. There are multiple classes throughout the day, and athletes are free to attend whichever class best fits their schedule after completing the On-Ramp classes.



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